History of the Camp

Gimli Bible Camp has been in operation for over 84 years, below you will find links to the history of Gimli Bible Camp. Read and enjoy, and if you would like to add your story to the legacy please contact us.

The following is an excerpt from the book "EXPLOSION of the ordinary" the on-going story of the CANADIAN SUNDAY SCHOOL MISSION.


Since the prize for memorizing 500 verses was a trip to camp, and since some children were apparently going to qualify, the next step was obvious. the Mission had to find a camp! The committee met on May 31, 1928, and appointed a summer camp committee.

Mr. A.J. Nesbitt, a prominent Montreal businessman, volunteered to finance the camp to the extent of $500.00, and a member of Elim Chapel in Winnipeg volunteered to lend his property and facilities to the Mission.

Twenty-nine children came to that first camp, held at Loni Beach on Lake Winnipeg. It seemed clear that Rev. Hunter was correct in having them come to camp saturated with the verses they had learned, for although only three were professing Christians on arrival at camp, all twenty-nine headed home with Jesus Christ as their Saviour!

The children memorized the Scripture so eagerly that at least two of the children had committed to memory far more than the required 500 verses. One learned 1,170 and the other learned 1,177!
The second camp was held in 1929 at Sans Souci Public Park. Seventy-six children attended, and every child professed conversion before returning home.

As it turned out, Sans Souci Public Park was too public. Curious vacationers were drawn by singing and laughter of the children, making camp routine difficult. But Loni Beach had been too private. Neighbors had not appreciated having a children's camp next door.

Since by this time the Mission had spread to other provinces, the committee was concerned that building a camp in one province would look to the others like an act of favoritism. It seemed that their hands were tied until they received a legacy from Lady Schultz, widow of former Lieutenant-Governor of Manitoba and long-time friend of CSSM. The legacy would draw a heavy penalty if used outside of Manitoba.


The committee believed this to be God's solution. In June, 1930, the money was used to buy a campsite near Gimli, Manitoba. Elmudur Gudmundson sold them seventeen acres with excellent lake frontage for a price that almost matched the legacy.

That was just the beginning. Now came the task of preparing the property for its designated purpose - CAMP. The members of the committee met almost every days. By camp time in July, some of the buildings were up and ready for use, and two large tents had been rented. One of the leaders of that camp recalls that meals had to be served out in the open, and a particularly rainy month made this rather difficult.

But showers of blessings also descended on the camp that year and in the years following. Literally thousands of lives have been transformed at that camp - lives like that of Nick Woychuk.

Nick spent the winter of 1932 on a farm in the backwoods of Manitoba memorizing the 500 verses that would earn him eight days at the Gimli camp. But Nick had no money to pay his trip to camp. He had resigned himself to a disappointing summer on the farm, when a car drove into the yard. A CSSM worker stepped out.

"I've come, Nick" he said, "to take you to camp."

Within half an hour, Nick was on his way to Lake Winnipeg. His only thoughts were swimming and games and fun, but at camp he was introduced to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Today in almost any Christian book store you can pick up books that have come from the pen of Dr. Nicholas Woychuk, graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary and Presbyterian pastor. Or you might be told of the Miracle Camp in Shreveport, Louisiana - attended by some 1200 boys and girls each year. Nick started that camp!

Nick testifies today; "It was the Canadian Sunday School Mission camp at Gimli that did the trick. It was there that I found the Lord Jesus Christ!"


Gimli's 75th Anniversary in 2003

Rev. Henry Hildebrand and Olive Carmichael,

Gimli's 75th anniversary, 2003


As we receive and find pictures from the past, we will be adding them accordingly.

If you have old pictures from Gimli Bible Camp that you would like to share you can get them to us by letter mail or by scanning them into the computer and then emailing them to us.

Meet the Staff

Don and Charlotte Roe, Directors

  Don started counselling at camp in 1975 and loved it so much he returned every summer until 1985 when he married Charlotte. They met at Providence Seminary where Don was working on his Masters in Christian Education to prepare for missionary work and Charlotte was strengthening her faith and ministering with the Northern Canada Evangelical Mission. During the next 20 years Don worked in the North End of Winnipeg with children who had emotional, intellectual or behavioural problems.  Don and Charlotte have been directing Gimli since 2006.  Don encourages the staff and passes on the knowledge and experience he has gained over the years. Charlotte is in charge of the kitchen. They have four adult children and two grandchildren.

Angela Lott, Assistant Director

Angie started working with children at the age of 16 as a Sunday School teacher in her church. In 1994 she graduated from University and married Geoff. Through the years she held many positions in her church, including Children’s ministries Director and Youth Leader. In 2011 Geoff entered Briercrest College and Seminary and Angie and Geoff, along with their 3 children, moved to Caronport, SK. While there, they were introduced to the joys of Camp Ministry. In 2013, they spent their first summer at Gimli Bible Camp, and fell in love with the camp, the kids, and the staff. In 2014 they moved to Winnipeg, with 2 children, to be more active in events at the camp. Angie joined the staff as a full time missionary in July 2016. Angie is heading up our Follow up and Discipleship program with the campers and our staff. She will also be leading our Work Crew program this summer :D

Head Cabin Leader

Connor Clow, Head Cabin Leader

Connor has been cabin leading and serving as a youth leader in church for several years. This summer he is looking forward to helping each camper have a great experience at camp

Sarah Lott, Program Director

Sarah has been a cabin leader for the last four summers since graduating the LDP program in 2013. This year she decided to expand her comfort zone and knowledge of camp by being our program director. She is looking forward to leading the kids in fun games and silly songs while they wait to go in for food!

Jodi Tuckett Leadership Development Program

Jodi has been working at One Hope Canada Bible Camps since she was 15 - when they were still called C.S.S.M ;-). When she was around thirteen, her parents began speaking at different camps and would pack up the whole family to go along. Even though she has worked at most of the One Hope camps across Manitoba, the children at Gimli have captured her heart.
Jodi has worked here for twelve summers now in all sorts of roles from dish pit to lifeguard and her favorite being a cabin leader. Which is a large part of her excitement of facilitating the LDP for the sixth summer. :-o
She deeply desires to see true disciples of Jesus Christ to live and proclaim the full gospel of our Saviour with those who have little to no knowledge of His great love, especially sharing the gospel with children.
Jodi is the second oldest of seven children. At present she works at Charis; Union Gospel Mission’s Women’s Addictions Recovery Center in a variety of ways; teaching classes, driving and filling in the gaps wherever needed with both the women and children.
She is convinced that God used her time working at camps and Child and Family Services to prepare her for the roles He has her working in today. Jodi enjoys being out of doors in all seasons, skating, kayaking, basking in the awesomeness of our God seen in thundershowers, jamming with the family, a good book, talking with people on the streets, oil painting and musical sign language.
But above all she would say she loves talking about her Jesus and remembering what He has done in the past and in turn looking into the future to live with a confidence in the present knowing who her God is; certain that He will do as He promised!

Laray Dueck, Leadership Development Program

LaRay is part of a church in the North End of Winnipeg, Manitoba and has a passion for sharing truth, knowing Jesus, and seeing people grow in their love and trust for Jesus. He deeply desires people know the good news of Jesus and walk in the incredible reality of what God desires for them. Before recently joining our Leadership Development Team, he spent seasons attaining his Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Manitoba, attending and serving at Ellerslie Discipleship Training in Windsor, CO, pastoring at a Haitian orphanage, and being involved at his home church in Winnipeg while working in the accounting field. LaRay loves the outdoors, time spent with family & friends, any sport you can imagine, and reading a good book – especially old ones ...

Our lifeguard team

We are very happy that our professional lifeguard team will be returning for another year :)
Bekah has been a swim instructor at the Y for several years. Marina teaches swimming in Winnipeg schools. Eli, Jordan and Julia have taken their NLS certification just for camp. Safety is our first priority.

2016 Staff