Summer Staff

Camp is a verb

Friends, good times, experiencing Jesus, and a bit of crazy fun - what could be better than experiencing a week at camp? How about sharing that experience with someone else! Wouldn’t it be cool to see God use you to transform someone’s life forever? It could happen this summer.

We’re looking for people of all ages with a missionary heart who love Jesus and are willing to die to self and serve Him. If that’s you, Gimli Bible Camp could offer a very fulfilling ministry experience. All our staff position are volunteer but we may offer an honorarium to help you a bit :) .

Annual Staff Summer Positions (numbers needed per week)

  • Cabin Leaders: (25) Responsible to the Head Cabin Leader. Will care for all the needs of a group of assigned campers. They shall eat, sleep, play and participate in all activities with their group. It is the Cabin Leader's opportunity and responsibility to personalize the ministry to each child. He/she becomes the spiritual inspiration and moral example to the campers. Will instruct up to two skills per day as assigned by the Program Director. Must be at least 16 years of age or have completed a recognized LDP training session. Your example will be the Jesus the children see.
  • Special needs workers: (1-3) Responsible to the Director. To primarily care for one camper who has been identified as needing extra assistance to fully participate in camp. Will work with the other cabin leaders to provide for his/her needs and integrate into the cabin group. Training and support will be provided by the Director as needed.
  • Program Director: (1) Responsible to the Director. In charge of all activities in the camping program including skills, wide games and chapel teams. He / She is not to instruct each activity but rather to be responsible for the organization and supervision of instructors for the various activities. Need to be very organized and enthusiastic. As a senior staff member will mentor other staff and assist wherever necessary.
  • Head Cabin Leaders: (2) Responsible to the Director. Ministry is to encourage and mentor cabin leaders, help with discipline and be alert for anything that would inhibit campers or staff from deepening their relationship with God. Will prepare a morning devotion for all staff once a week.
  • Leadership Development Program Facilitators (3) Our LDP mentors young people in serving God with all their heart. We have tracks for future cabin leaders and work crew. We want our best staff to train our volunteers of the future.
  • Office Manager: Responsible to the Director. To run an organized air-conditioned office. Duties include all communication by phone/ mail/ email, entry of camper data, running reports and preparing mailings. Training provided as necessary. Will work weekends and take time off during the weekdays. Independent position.
  • Lifeguards (3) Responsible to the Camp Director. In charge of the waterfront and all waterfront activities. Need NLS certification.
  • Health officer (nurse) (1): Responsible to the Camp Director. To provide medical advice to the Director, administer minor first aid, care for and distribute medication. He/she is to maintain written records of each accident, illness and treatment. Requires Standard A first aid certification.
  • Cooks and kitchen help (6) Responsible to Kitchen Coordinator. Will prepare food and keep kitchen clean at the highest standards
  • Maintenance and dishpit (4) Responsible to the Assistant Director. Will clean and maintain the property. This position is very physically active. Preference given to those who have gone through the Work Crew track of our Leadership Development Program
  • Speaker (1) Responsible to the Director. Ministry is to present chapel messages and encourage campers and staff in their Christian walk. Passionate about proclaiming that Jesus is the Way the Truth and the Life. He/she should be actively involved in the spiritual formation of the campers throughout the day. May be asked to do the Friday morning devotion for the staff.

Some staff are called to be here all summer, some for only a week. Is God prompting you to come? All ages needed. Talk to me ASAP! 


Online Staff application

Online staff application for camp